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Ethicoin aims to foster positive change by aligning with the goals of promoting a positive impact on the economy and society. We prioritize advancing financial inclusion by providing access to digital financial services to underbanked communities, bridging the gap and promoting inclusivity.


Transparency and accountability are fundamental to our mission, ensuring stakeholders have visibility and trust in our processes. Our philosophy embodies a holistic approach towards positive societal and economic change, working towards a better future for all through financial inclusion, transparency, and accountability.

Our Vision

Leading the global transformation towards a sustainable, inclusive, and secure economy post-COVID-19.

Reducing the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining, especially Bitcoin.

Empowering underbanked communities by providing access to digital financial services.

Creating a transparent and accountable economy with blockchain technology.

Supporting ethical project funding to drive positive societal change.

Promoting transparency and accountability across all aspects of the economy.

Empowering community-driven and socially impactful projects through ethical support.

Ethicoin is a high-risk investment. The value of Ethicoin can be volatile and may result in loss. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

Please contact your financial adviser before investing in Ethicoin.