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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the contract owner modify the balance?

While it is true that the contract owner has the technical capability to modify token balances, it is crucial to emphasize that our commitment is to maintain the highest standards of integrity and security. We take our responsibilities seriously and have no intention to abuse the authority granted to us. It is in our best interest to foster a transparent and trustworthy environment for our users.

Can the contract be manipulated by external parties after deployment?

No, the contract deployed by Ethicoin is solely controlled by the wallet address from which it was initiated.

Is there any hidden owner address?

No, there is no hidden owner address in the contract. The ownership of a smart contract is typically transparent and can be verified through the blockchain.

Is it true that code for suspending trading has been found?

No, there is no evidence to support the claim that code for suspending trading has been discovered. During our thorough review of the code, we found no indications of any deliberate mechanisms or functions designed to halt or suspend trading activities. At our end, we prioritize transparency and security, and we remain committed to ensuring the integrity and functionality of our platform.

Does this token have a cooldown period function?

The cooldown period function in the provided code is intended to prevent users from selling their tokens immediately after buying them. This cooldown period is implemented to discourage bots from abusing the token's mechanics. It requires users to wait for a certain time or a specified number of blocks before they can sell their tokens.

Please note that the cooldown period is designed to promote a fair and sustainable trading environment, and it aims to prevent manipulative behaviors that can negatively impact the token's value. By discouraging immediate selling, the cooldown period helps to stabilize the market and reduce short-term speculative activities. It also encourages holders to consider the long-term potential of the token and make informed decisions. The inclusion of a cooldown period in a token's smart contract is not uncommon, it is often implemented to discourage bots or traders from quickly buying and selling tokens for speculative purposes. The specific duration of the cooldown period can vary depending on the project and its specific requirements. A duration of 10 units is not inherently unusual.

Does the project have an anti-whale function?

Yes, the project implements measures to protect against large sell-offs and price manipulation.

Can the transaction tax be modified for Ethicoin?

Yes, the contract owner of Ethicoin has the authority to modify the transaction tax.

What is the purpose of modifying the transaction tax?

The contract owner can adjust the transaction tax to meet the project's evolving needs or to respond to changing market conditions. This flexibility allows for potential optimizations and adjustments to the fee structure.

Is there a Blacklist function?

Yes, there is a Blacklist function available. The Blacklist function serves as a protective measure against bots or users who may abuse the trading system or pose a honeypot risk. By utilizing the Blacklist function, certain addresses can be restricted from trading activities, ensuring a more secure and reliable trading environment for all users.

What is your assessment of the anonymous attacks targeting Ethicoin, branding it as a defunct project or a scam?

These assaults commenced concurrent with Ethicoin's unveiling of its inaugural project in Nigeria. Our analysis suggests that these attacks are predominantly racially driven, orchestrated by a blend of competitors coveting Ethicoin's traction and individuals espousing derogatory perceptions of Nigeria. These detractors exhibit characteristics reminiscent of modern-day neo-Nazis. Contrary to their disparaging portrayal, Nigeria stands as a nation of remarkable beauty, inhabited by a populace renowned for its warmth and receptiveness, evidenced by their enthusiastic embrace of Ethicoin.

Is it true that these detractors primarily operate anonymously?

Indeed, that is the irony of the situation. Despite their attempts to remain concealed, we possess the means to trace and identify them.

How do you respond to the characterization of Ethicoin as a defunct project?

It's laughable. Our team is tirelessly dedicated, expending substantial effort towards the realization of Ethicoin's objectives. Yet, we encounter baseless criticism from anonymous detractors who lack insight into our endeavors. Motivated perhaps by self-loathing, they attempt to undermine us with nonsensical claims. Such individuals hold no sway over us; our focus remains steadfast on the diligent implementation of the Ethicoin project.

What measures will be implemented in response to these attacks?

Our strategy involves meticulous data gathering followed by legal recourse. The collected evidence will be handed over to legal representatives for further action. We anticipate that the perpetrators of these attacks, characterized by their cowardice and dissemination of falsehoods, will be subject to judicial scrutiny.

Ethicoin is a high-risk investment. The value of Ethicoin can be volatile and may result in loss. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

Please contact your financial adviser before investing in Ethicoin.